Synopsis of Rules and Regulations

This list is not all-inclusive. For the complete list refer to your Fiddler's Marsh Covenants.

If you do not have a set of covenants you can contact Aegis Mgt, Inc. at 904-280-7616

1) No Parking in any street or the pool parking lot, between the hours of 2:00AM and 6:00AM. First Coast Security drives through every night between those hours and arranges for the immediate towing of any vehicle found. Parking on grass is also not allowed.

2)Front yard lights are supposed to be kept on at night. These are also monitored by security and are also subject to a fine if not kept lit after a period of time.

3)Any exterior modification to the house and any significant change in landscaping, require approval from the Architectural Review Committee.

4)No pool use after dark.

5)No commercial vehicles (vehicles with commercial lettering, pipe racks, etc) allowed parked in driveway overnight.

6)Portable basketball hoops are not allowed left out after use. Only backboards and hoops attached over the garage door are allowed as a permanent installation.

7)Pickup day for recycle is Tuesday,  Trash and yard debris is Wednesday. Do not put out the night before.

8)Pets outside must be kept on  leash and picked up after. Under no circumstance allow your pet to do its business on any private property other than your own.

9)The speed limit in Fiddler's Marsh is 15 MPH. From time to time we hire off-duty policemen to patrol FM and you would be subject to a ticket.